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Special Department of Growth and Development

The aim of the special department of growth and development is to evaluate the physical changes of the children from the neonatal age to adolescence.

The department of special growth and development of children and adolescents provides diagnosis and intervention in children with:

  • puberty disorders (early puberty, delayed puberty, premature adrenarche)
  • height disorders
  • weight disorders
  • the estimation of any kind of physical change and treatment

A fundamental procedure is the record of the child’s history, the measurement of its somatometric data and the completion of its own growth chart.

Depending on the case, referrals are made to pediatric departments such as Diagnostic & Interventional Radiology, Nutrition & Dietetics, Endocrinology, Children & Adolescent Gynecology.

The tests that a doctor would recommend for the detection of a developmental disorder, depend on the findings in every stage of evaluation. A small, healthy child that develops within a normal growth rate, could be examined only during his childhood. However, a child that has stopped growing, or is developing very slowly, will often need an additional laboratory check, and perhaps some extra tests.

It’s also important that the parents can detect the social and psychological problems that the kids with developmental disorders might be facing and help them accept their own development.


Visits to the department are scheduled by appointment and the clinical assessment lasts for approximately one hour.

Working hours:

Monday: 9:30-14:00 & 16:00-19:30
Tuesday: 9:30-14:00
Wednesday: 10:30-13:00 & 16:00-19:30
Thursday: 9:30-14:00



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