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Nuclear Medicine

All in vitro and in vivo examinations, especially those falling within the fields of oncology, pediatrics and cardiology are performed at this department. The new ultramodern double-headed γ-Camera offers the possibility to perform, among others, brain SPECT imaging (for the investigation of neurological, vascular or post-traumatic diseases), as well as all tomographic examinations for the study of any other organ (bones, kidneys, liver etc.).

Except for applications in the field of diagnosis, Nuclear Medicine is also used for treatment purposes. Shielded treatment rooms have been constructed in accordance with international standards for the therapeutic administration of radioisotopes (such as Ι-131, strontium, samarium, rinium, ZEVALIN e.t.c.). Patients with differentiated thyroid cancer – a very common disease in Greece – have been treated with great success, and the Department maintains full collaboration with the Group’s Endocrinology Departments. It is worth mentioning that patients with non-Hodgkin lymphomas can also be treated in combination with other established therapies and always in cooperation with the Group’s Oncology Departments.

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 08:00 – 20:00

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