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+30 210 6383000,
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The Department performs procedures on conditions involving the central nervous system and treats children from neonatal age to adolescence. It deploys the most technologically advanced medical equipment and consists of highly experienced surgeons who provide the best possible management of neurological disorders.

The entire range of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) is managed, such as:

  • Head traumas and craniocerebral injuries
  • Scalp injuries
  • Skull fractures – open, depressed
  • Skull base fractures with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leakage
  • Expansive fractures
  • Cerebral contusions and intracranial traumatic hematomas
  • Epidural hematomas
  • Subdural hematomas (acute, subacute, chronic)


Nikolaos Maratheftis
Evaggelos Rokas
Athansios Markelos
Vassilios Zerris
Gerhard Friehs
Alexandros Vyziotis
Neofytos Prodromou
Panagiotis Varvatsoulis

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