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The admission of young patients takes place at the Reception (located on level 0). During the admission procedure, you will be asked to state your particulars such as: full name, address of residence, contact numbers, some details from your child’s Personal Health Booklet and produce your National ID /Passport /Driving license.

In case you use EOPYY (Greek National Health Service Organization), you need a valid child’s Personal Health Booklet, the patient’s Social Security Number, and the Social Security Number of the insurance beneficiary parent. If the child does not hold a valid insurance booklet (indirect beneficiary), you should also produce the insurance booklet of the direct beneficiary. The child’s booklet remains within the premises of the Clinic throughout hospitalization and you receive it back along with the discharge note issued by the Inpatient Accounting Office.

In case you use a private insurance health scheme, you should produce your hospitalization card and the number of your health insurance policy, and declare the hospitalization class you are entitled to, according to your health policy.

Production of the above documentation is strictly required within 24 hours from admission, otherwise, no patient admission announcement can be made to EOPYY and hospitalization will be charged according to the hospital’s private price list.

We suggest you leave any valuables at home. Our clinic assumes no responsibility for the loss of personal items. Alternatively, you can give them to your escort at the time of admission or deliver them to the Reception Department on level -1 for safekeeping in a deposit box.

At a later stage during the admission procedure, a healthcare plan (by obtaining your medical history, performing laboratory exams or imaging studies were needed) is implemented in accordance with the instructions given by the Attending Physician and the Clinic’s Procedures and Protocols.

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