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Press Releases 2016

Partnership with ATE Insurance

IASO Group entered into partnership with ATE Insurance, which includes the healthcare units IASO, IASO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, IASO GENERAL AND IASO THESSALY.

The said partnership agreement makes, amongst others, provisions for the insured clients with ATE Insurance:

  • Direct and non-stop access to high level primary and secondary healthcare services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Concessionary price-list for healthcare services.
  • Coordination Center, operating on a 24-hour basis, through “Open Health Line”. Tel: +30 210.62.88077 (if you are calling from a mobile) and +30 801.11.41051 (if you are calling from a landline).

The partnership with IASO GROUP, forms part of the program “ATE Insurance: the very best for your health”, which lays down:

  • The planning/provision of pioneering health insurance programs which cover every modern insurance need and apply to both natural and legal persons.
  • The provision of comprehensive healthcare services under the most attractive terms and conditions for the insured clients (individual and collective insurance policies).
  • The overall support of insurance brokers with the appropriate tools, education and promotion material, aiming at the effective approach of the existing and prospect client list.

According to the Manager of Life and Health providence of ATE Insurance, Mr. D. Krumbholz, “The financial setting and the trends in the field of Healthcare, either current or future, certainly require a new approach and philosophy. Given the circumstances, ATE Insurance responds to the increasing healthcare needs of its clients by providing affordable and complete solutions, addressed to all people. The implementation of our renewed policy is based on the development of partnerships of strategic importance with top Providers in the field, such as IASO GROUP. This mutually beneficiary partnership between ATE Insurance and IASO GROUP, allows us the planning of programs and healthcare services which are of true value to our clients and apply in both individual and collective policies”.

Commenting on the partnership with IASO GROUP, Mr. I Chatziiosif, CEO of ATE Insurance, stated: “ATE Insurance and IASO GROUP share the same values pertaining to the comprehensive coverage of the actual health needs of every person. The official implementation of the partnership between ATE Insurance and IASO GROUP, gives us the means to continue to design value-added programs and services, so that our insured clients enjoy the very best, when it comes to primary and secondary healthcare issues, as well as to have a tangible experience of the confidence and safety we provide them with”.

Dr. Georgios Stamatiou, Chair of the BOD of IASO Group, commented on the partnership as follows: “IASO Group’s family is committed to provide increasingly better and higher level healthcare services to all those who choose and trust us for what we hold most dear-our Health. In this challenging financial and social era, now more than ever, the values governing our philosophy remain even stronger and make us stand out. Our Medical, nursing and administrative staff stand by each and every patient and are always oriented by politeness and friendliness, driven by professionalism, dedication and care, led by dignity and respect to your special and individual needs. The key objective of our partnership with ATE Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in our country, is the provision of excellent healthcare services to all clients insured with the company”.

  • IASO is located at 37-39, Kifissias Avenue, Maroussi (Call Center: +30 210 61 84 000)
  • IASO Children’s Hospital is located at 37-39, Kifissias Avenue, Maroussi (Call Center: +30 210 61 83 000)
  • IASO General is located at 264, Messogeion Avenue, Cholargos (Call Center: +30 210 65 02 000)
  • IASO Thessaly is located at 8th km Old National Road of Larissa-Athens, Larissa (Call Center: +30 2410 996000)

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