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Press Releases 2014

A lot of “Current Pediatric Issues” were presented at the Scientific Study Day held by the Pediatric Clinic of IASO Children’s Hospital on Saturday 18 January 2014 in Kalamata, under the auspices of the Medical Association of Messinia

The speakers of the Study Day, Pediatricians at IASO Children’s Hospital, discussed upon medical issues related to children diseases in the neonatal period, infancy and childhood such as constipation, newer data on urinary tract infections in children, surgical approach of inner ear inflammations and newer data on common surgical conditions in neonates-infants-children.

Mr. M. Michail, Chairman of the Medical Association of Messinia, welcomed the attendees and Mr. Panagiotis Lagos, Chief of Medical Services at IASO Children’s Hospital was the moderator and one of the speakers of the event. Other significant speakers were Messrs K. Siafakas, Head of the Department of Pediatric gastroenterology-Hepatology at IASO Children’s Hospital, E. Georgaki, Head of the Department of Nephrology at IASO Children’s Hospital, I. Barbounaki, Pediatrician & Deputy Chief of the Pediatric Clinic at IASO Children’s Hospital, V. Skia, Head of the Department of ENT at IASO Children’s Hospital, G. Pergamalis, Chief of the Department of Surgery at IASO Children’s Hospital.

IASO Children’s Hospital, the newest and most sophisticated Pediatric Clinic in Greece, provides comprehensive and top-class services in a particularly friendly environment, specially designed for children of all ages. Continuing its dynamic course, IASO Children’s Hospital recently established two new Departments, Pediatric cardiology and Pediatric cardiac-surgery, both of which aspire to become a point of reference in the field of Pediatric cardiology and Pediatric cardiac-surgery in our country, to provide specialist services emphasizing in congenital heart diseases. The said Departments have been manned with the best medical and nursing staff and are equipped with top-notch technological equipment to prove once more that IASO Group is in practice totally committed to the care of the mother and the child.

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