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Press Releases 2014

IASO Children’s Hospital, showing its interest and devotion in children in practice, recently established a state-of-the-art Hemodynamics and Angiography Laboratory which was specially designed and equipped with the most sophisticated Hemodynamic Study and Cardiac Cineangiocardiography Systems.

This modern angiographic system, manufactured by Philips, integrates the full program with 3-D angiographic and echocardiographic imaging. It obtains high-resolution cardiac and vessel images, fully covering the requirements of an interventional cardiac catheterization.

When interventional catheterization is deemed necessary, it has therapeutic properties, substituting the need of an open heart-surgery. Exemplary cases are balloon valvuloplasty, occlusion of communications, balloon angioplasty or stenting.

The first valvuloplasty in a neonate has already been performed at IASO Children’s Hospital on 19 February 2014. The procedure was carried out on one of the twins born on 10 January at IASO Maternity Clinic, weighing 1,400 kg after a 34-week gestation. During hospitalization, the newborn was found to suffer from severe pulmonary valve stenosis causing inadequate ventilation and its immediate management – though the newborn was only 40-day old – was deemed imperative.

The case was treated via balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty by the highly experienced team at IASO Children’s Hospital.

The team of specialists, headed by Dr. G. Tsaousis, Pediatric cardiologist (MD, PhD, MEAP, MESC, MAEPC, FACC, FSCAI), offers high-quality services and interventional diagnostics. The top-class laboratory allows for the performance of hybrid pediatric cardiac-surgery/pediatric cardiology procedures and due to the combination of the new device and the laboratory, the entire vascular network is 3-D imaged.

IASO Group, through its new investments and its internationally accredited services, is today the safest and most reliable solution in terms of comprehensive healthcare for both the children and their families.

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