26/07/2021 - IASO Children's Hospital: Subglottic stenosis of the trachea treated surgically for the first time in Greece

A 3 year old with subglottic stenosis of the trachea that occurred following long intubation was successfully surgically treated  at IASO Children's Hospital in Greece. The child had undergone a tracheostomy and was transferred to IASO Children's Hospital from a public hospital by decision of the Ministry of Health, so it could be treated at the IASO Children's Hospital Congenital Heart Disease and Trachea Center.

Under general anesthesia and once the child was placed on extracorporeal circulation, the stenotic part of the trachea, which was next to the vocal cords (8 mm), was resected and the tracheostomy was closed. It was an extremely challenging case that was successfully treated for the first time in Greece. Such procedures are only performed at a few dedicated centers in Europe at a very high cost.

This was the third case of tracheal stenosis to be treated by internationally acclaimed Professor Afksendiyos Kalangos and his team of specialists, consisting of Cardiac Surgeon Evangelia Ntalarizou and Cardiac Surgeon Prodromos Azariadis, and that was assisted by Marios Papadopoulos, Head of the IASO Children's Hospital Pulmonary Department, Konstantinos Patris, Anesthesiologist, and his team, Michail Choulakis, Director of the IASO Children's Hospital ENT Department, and the IASO Children's Hospital pediatric cardiologists. In addition, the IASO Children's Hospital ICU, headed by Aikaterini Bampanelou, and the nurses of the Unit and the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Clinic provided their valuable assistance.

At IASO Children's Hospital we always make sure that the health of your children is in the best of hands. The experienced medical staff, qualified nursing staff, modern facilities, cutting-edge technology and application of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods make IASO Children's Hospital the leading pediatric hospital in Greece. 

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