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24/06/2021 - IASO Children's Hospital: Career Counseling Program

Choosing a career in this day and age is quite a difficult and demanding process. The fast-paced modern society continuously shapes new conditions and new professions. Through these changes, senior high school students are faced with deciding what job they would want to do as adults, at a tender age. This is a difficult decision that often stresses children and their parents.

Understanding the concerns of adolescents these days, IASO Children's Hospital has created a prestigious Career Counseling Program, carried out by an approved and specially trained career counselor. Using the Ariston Test taken by the student, the counselor is able to detect both their professional interests and skills. Through the counseling session that follows the test, the counselor sits with the student to jointly come up with the available choices and further discuss their academic progress. Vocational guidance is addressed to senior high school students in their last year who have to fill in their online university entry application, as well as younger students who must pick their orientation field. It is also addressed to students wishing to continue their studies at postgraduate level or employees contemplating a career change.

The Ariston Test explores the personality traits, skills and interests of examinees to identify professions that suit them.

In particular, it:

  • Is highly reliable and valid
  • Incorporates 5 tests in 1 (personality, interests, skills, abilities and psychological factors)
  • Is based on Holland’s typology theory
  • Does not just assess the interests, but also the aptitudes of students
  • Kick-starts the counseling between the approved career counselor and the interested party, providing a solution to their professional conundrum

At IASO Children's Hospital we always make sure that the health of your children is in the best of hands. The experienced medical staff, qualified nursing staff, modern facilities, cutting-edge technology and application of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods make IASO Children's Hospital the leading pediatric hospital in Greece. 


For further information:  Nancy Christopoulou, Commercial Division, IASO Group, Tel.: (+30) 210 6383917, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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