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Press Releases 2020

IASO Children’s Hospital pioneers and informs the schools for hygiene rules and protective measures against COVID-19

In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility of IASO Group’s “By your Side” program, IASO Children’s Hospital invests in information and education of our young friends on the protecting measures against COVID-19.

IASO Children’s Hospital having a long-standing experience in diagnosis and prevention is at all the children’s side to provide accurate information on COVID-19. The qualified nursing staff of IASO Children’s Hospital visits private schools and informs the children of hygiene rules and proper techniques for face masks and hand washing. Since children learn better through play, information uses interactive games. Children have the opportunity to ask them on any COVID-19 issue that bothers them, and they get their answers from health experts.

Mr. Thomas Molasiotis, Director of the Greek-French School of Athens “Saint Paul”, declared “Prevention is our greater ally to protect our health. When prevention is combined with education and information, then our protection is further strengthened. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the team of IASO Group, headed by Ms. Nancy Christopoulou, for the educational courses they offered to all the children of our School, on issues such as personal hygiene, care and our protection against COVID-19”.

At IASO Children’s Hospital, we take care of what you hold most dear, your child, and we protect the most precious asset, every child’s health.



From left to right Ms. Paraskevi Karasiota, Head of the nursing floor of IASO Children’s Hospital, Ms. Varvara Boutopoulou, Director of Nursing Services of IASO Children’s Hospital, Mr. Dimitris Varthalitis, Owner of the Greek-French School of Athens “Saint Paul”, Ms. Elisavet Simitzi, Nurse at IASO Children’s Hospital, Ms. Nancy Christopoulou Head of CSR & Communication of the Group, Head of Marketing IASO Children’s Hospital & IASO General clinics’ services & depts, Mr. Thomas Molasiotis, Director of the Greek-French School of Athens “Saint Paul”.



Ms. Voula Giaxi, Midwife, Head of Education, Nursing Directorate of IASO, during the educational courses at Greek-French School of Athens “Saint Paul”.


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