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Press Releases 2014

IASO Children’s Hospital, showing its love and care towards children, established a creative entertainment area, specially designed for young patients, accommodated in the Clinic’s waiting room. It has a bookcase with a great variety of titles, many different games for all ages and the recent acquisition, the fully functional Νortec’s Nintendo Wii U console.

IASO Children’s Hospital, seeing through the eyes of the child and with the sole intend to embrace his/her needs, created this entertainment and creative activities area for our young friends in a comfortable and friendly environment. According to the specialists, the engagement of a child with playing, reduces stress and enhances his/her self-esteem, a necessary requirement for a child visiting a healthcare institute.

Once more, IASO Children’s Hospital stands by the child and his/her needs, and offers comprehensive and qualitative healthcare services in a particularly pleasant environment, specially designed for children of all ages. A team of renowned clinicians of all medical specialties, with great experience in the field of academic and hospital pediatrics, relentlessly offers its services 24/7. Recently, IASO Children’s Hospital established two new medical departments, Pediatric cardiology and Pediatric cardiac-surgery which constitute a significant investment by the Group, for the effective management of congenital heart diseases.

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