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IASO Group dynamically enters the new digital era, choosing COSMOTE e-health solutions

Next to patients, with faster services and information security

IASO Group dynamically enters the new digital era by choosing COSMOTE e-health solutions, which will contribute to the faster service of both its patients and partners, by upgrading the provided services and reducing the operational costs.

In particular, IASO Group advances its digital transformation by digitizing Medical Records, by creating a universal digital document filing and management system, and by electronically issuing and managing documents.

Powered by COSMOTE e-health solutions, IASO Group now has:

  • A Medical Records classification system
  • A filing and information management system
  • Automated process of digital documents
  • Secure storage and maintenance of all information on a data storage platform, with the ability of cloud storage infrastructure (private, hybrid, public)

With COSMOTE solutions, IASO Group ensures faster search and retrieval of information through a universal Medical Records System, where all data –independently of their source- are integrated and directly accessible by multiple authorized users. At the same time, costs and time-consuming proceedings, such as receptions, approvals, printings and dispatches of separate documents, as well as storage in physical areas, are all minimized. Last but not least, customers and partners are much better served, both in terms of time and costs, while information integrity and security are well safeguarded.

Distinction received at the Healthcare Business Awards

The project of Digitizing and Filing of Medical Records and Electronic Billing for IASO Group won the Bronze Award at the Healthcare Business Awards 2017, in the category “Digital Applications for the Management/Support of Healthcare Units”. The Awards, annually held by Boussias Communications and Health Daily, aim to feature and award the best practices, innovative actions, and development initiatives, throughout the whole spectrum of Healthcare.

Digital Transformation with COSMOTE Business IT Solutions

Given its advanced COSMOTE Business IT Solutions serve the individual needs of every business entity, and through its strong engagement in the field of IT Integration and its strategic partnerships for the materialization of complex ICT projects, OTE Group constitutes a partner of choice. Especially for the sensitive field of Healthcare, COSMOTE Business IT Solutions include value added digital solutions, aiming at ensuring the most effective operation of healthcare units, as well as at improving the level of the services provided to all patients.


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About IASO Group

IASO Group: For what you hold most dear…!

IASO Group, one of the largest Healthcare Groups in Greece, with four ultramodern healthcare units, three in Athens and one in Larissa, FILOKTITIS –the largest Recovery and Rehabilitation Center–, and MedStem Services –the largest Stem Cells Bank–, offer a patient-centered comprehensive healthcare system.

The Group provides excellent healthcare services, which are constantly improved by adopting the most advanced medical practices worldwide, by continuously training and educating its medical, nursing and administrative staff, and by investing in cutting-edge medical equipment.

IASO Group, getting in line with the digital era and improvement of diverse operations, is now focused on significant value added operations for the Group.


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