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17/05/2021 - IASO Children's Hospital: The safest choice for treating fractures in children

The management of pediatric fractures differs from that of adults, as the healing times are different, while greater experience and medical expertise are required. The IASO Children's Hospital Orthopedic Center offers immediate and efficient treatment for all orthopedic injuries (fractures), using modern methods, which ensure fast recovery and quicker rehabilitation of young patients.

Staffed with Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeons, who work exclusively on pediatric orthopedic cases and have acquired their specialty holding senior posts in centers abroad, it applies all the latest techniques to treat fractures. These include close reduction and percutaneous stabilization of elbow fractures, elastic intramedullary pinning of long bones and locked intramedullary pinning of the femur. All these methods were applied for the first time in Greece by the doctors of the IASO Children's Hospital Orthopedic Center.

Headed by Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon Anastasios D. Kanellopoulos, it is open daily, including after hours, since the first day it started operating within IASO Children's Hospital, 13 years ago. Minimally invasive techniques are followed, which require short hospitalization (up to 23 hours for most cases), ensuring that the children return quickly to their daily activities. The surgical treatment of fractures is performed without or with very small incisions on the skin, which do not require suture removal or dressing changes postoperatively.

In addition, in partnership with ActivArmor, USA, IASO Children's Hospital exclusively applies a system of waterproof casts/splints to immobilize fractures, allowing children to return to sports activities, including activities in water, even faster and safer. This immobilization allows uninterrupted daily hygiene, as well as all forms of water activities, such as swimming or water sports, which is very important for children and their families in Greece, especially during the summer months.

At IASO Children's Hospital we always make sure that the health of your children is in the best of hands. The experienced medical staff, qualified nursing staff, modern facilities, cutting-edge technology and application of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods make IASO Children's Hospital the leading pediatric hospital in Greece.



For more news-related information: Nancy Christopoulou, Commercial Division, IASO Group, Tel.: (+30) 210 6383917, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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