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IASO Children’s Hospital: World Diabetes Day – A Special Offer For A Screening Test

If your child visits the toilet very frequently (especially during the night), if s/he is very thirsty and very hungry, if s/he complains of a dry mouth, if s/he is constantly and for no good reason feeling tired, if s/he begins to lose weight or if s/he is becomes easily irritated, it would be good to visit a specialist immediately.

Pediatric-juvenile diabetes is diagnosed in more than 200 children all over the world on an annual basis, and in 120 Greek children per year, and though it does not exceed 10% of worldwide diabetes cases, its frequency has shown increasing trends over the last 30 years.

The Department of Endocrinology-Pediatric Diabetes at IASO Children’s Hospital offers comprehensive services for Diabetes Mellitus treatment. It helps young patients with newly-diagnosed diabetes adapt to the changes brought by diabetes in their family life, achieve their treatment goals and undergo all necessary tests for regular monitoring.

IASO Children’s Hospital offers you a consultation with a Pediatrician – Pediatric Endocrinologist and a Nutritionist at the Department of Endocrinology-Pediatric Diabetes at IASO Children’s Hospital, aiming at the prevention and management of the disease. Guided by a team of specialists, children and their families receive nutritional education in the light of preventing and therapeutically approaching the disease.

IASO Children’s Hospital continues to express its love and affection towards children, and provides the above consultation at the symbolic price of 50 euros.

The offer is valid for all those who will schedule an appointment by calling +30 210 6383070 – 2, from Tuesday 14 November 2017 to Thursday 30 November 2017.


For more press information, please contact Ms Nancy Christopoulou, Department of Commercial Management at IASO Group, tel: +30 210 6502853, 210 6383917, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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