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Press Releases 2014
Standing by younger patients from the “Smile of the Child”

The occasion of World Health Day on 7 April 2014 was an excellent opportunity for IASO Group to start a permanent cooperation with the Organization for the protection of children’s rights around the world “The Smile of the Child”.

Here, in an ultra modern pediatric center, a child from the “The Smile of the Child” was operated. The child underwent a very delicate ophthalmologic procedure which was successfully performed by the ophthalmologic team at IASO Children’s Hospital.

Within a few years, IASO Group created a comprehensive and independent pediatric clinic right next to the maternity one, manned it with distinguished Greek and foreign Scientists and equipped it with cutting-edge equipment. Today, the pediatric clinic constitutes an exceptional center of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare. IASO Group will continue to invest in the child, for its health is our country’s future itself.

Mr. K. Giannopoulos, President of the “Smile of the Child” welcomed this cooperation with great pleasure and honor, emphasizing that it is not the first time that IASO’s Scientists offer their expertise for the benefit of the community and he did not omit to thank IASO for its significant contribution in the overall preservation of children’s health and more. Concluding, he underlined the significance of prevention, urging all parents to timely address their children’s symptoms which could result into severe conditions.

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