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Children think of thousands of things they want to try. Think of the one that will prepare them for all of this. IASO Children’s Hospital is ready to welcome its young friends for the conduction of integrated screening checkups.

Checkups are as follows:

  • For the first time ever! School Readiness Assessment 60€: Developmental questionnaire, Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist, scholastic skills assessment by a Pediatrician specialized in Developmental Pediatrics. Parents receive a certificate of their child's scholastic competence as well as an analysis of the Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist by email.
  • Basic checkup 60€:ophthalmologic exam, electrocardiogram, triplex & cardiac exam
  • Sports health checkup 80€: ophthalmologic exam, electrocardiogram, triplex & cardiac exam, dermatologic exam
  • Full ENT checkup 40€: ENT consultation, audiogram and tympanogram
  • Body weight control and management 80€: Consultation with a Pediatrician-Endocrinologist, and assessment by a Nutritionist-Dietitian with the BOD POD method and drawing up of the applicable diet plan.
  • Spine testing – Scoliosis screening 30€: review of the most important characteristics, detailed developmental history, forward bending test, in cooperation with a Spine & Scoliosis Surgeon
  • Gait and Posture Analysis 40€: pelmatogram, evaluation of plantar results and construction of custom-made foot orthoses in cooperation with a Pediatric Physiotherapist at 50€

The only thing that you have to bring with you is your Child's Health Booklet (EOPYY).

All exams are performed daily by appointment. To book your appointment, please call at +30 210 6383070-2 & 210 6383503, until the last day of the offer, i.e. 31/10/2019. All health check-up packages are addressed to children of 5 years of age and above.

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