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ΙΑΣΩ: ΜΑΣΤ – DO για τον Οκτώβριο

On the occasion of World Allergy Day, IASO offers you a complete allergology consultation and IASO Children’s Hospital offers you a consultation visit to specialized Pediatric allergists.

In particular:

  • IASO: Complete Allergy Assessment at the concessionary price of 50€ that includes Allergy Dermal Tests for main aeroallergens, such as house dust mites, fungi, olive pollen, cypress, parietaria, grass and cat hair.
    The offer is valid for those who call at +30 210 6184195 (Monday-Friday, 08:00-15:00) and schedule their appointment from Monday 8 July 2019, until Wednesday 31 July 2019. The examination takes place at the IASO Outpatient Department.
  • IASO Children’s Hospital: Consultation visit to specialized Pediatric allergists at the concessionary price of 20€.
    The offer is valid for those who call at +30 210 6383070-2 (Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00) and schedule their appointment from Monday 8 July 2019 until Friday 12 July 2019.
    The Department of Allergology at IASO Children’s hospital is one of the most specialized departments the timely and effective diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases, which clearly affect the quality of life of both children and their families. Its highly specialized medical staff assesses and examines children suffering from allergic diseases with the aim of providing personalized diagnosis and treatment for young patients, as well as educating their own families. The Department of Allegology receives more than 800 outpatient cases per year.

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