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IASO Children’s Hospital hosts Hebe and Hercules!

IASO Children's Hospital chose a new, diverse way to wish its little friends to get well soon! It hosted the "Gentle Carousel" miniature therapy horses, and all its young patients had a unique and incredible experience. It was a special day with much joy and surprise for our little friends who saw two adorable, soft to touch and sweet miniature therapy horses, Hebe and Hercules, strolling the corridors of the Outpatient Department, of IASO Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department and patient rooms, always under the guidance of specialist trainers.

Our little friends, who wouldn’t believe their eyes, didn’t miss the chance to pet them, hug them, take a picture with them, and also ride them! The children had mixed feelings; on the one hand, they were in pain, but, on the other hand, they would immediately forget it upon seeing these cute miniature horses. The Hospital was flooded in laughter and the peaceful serenity and kindness offered by the presence of our miniature visitors that patiently waited to be petted by all children. Additionally, the medical and nursing staff was thrilled and didn’t stop taking pictures of Hebe and Hercules.

These miniature horses offered moments of priceless joy, soul strength, optimism, motivation, effort and hope, and boosted the psychology of our little friends towards their smooth recovery.


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